Multiplying common ordinary fractions, online calculator. Result and the multiplication process explained

Multiply common ordinary fractions, online calculator:

The latest common ordinary fractions that have been multiplied

Multiplying fractions. How to multiply ordinary math fractions? Steps. Example.

How to multiply two fractions?

When we multiply ordinary fractions, the end fraction will have:

  • as a numerator, the result of multiplying all the numerators of the fractions,
  • as a denominator, the result of multiplying all the denominators of the fractions.
  • a/b × c/d = (a × c) / (b × d)
  • a, b, c, d are integer numbers;
  • if the pairs (a × c) and (b × d) are not coprime (they have common prime factors) the end fraction should be reduced (simplified) to lower terms.

How to multiply ordinary fractions? Steps.

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