About fractii.ro website

What is fractii.ro?

fractii.ro is a website that offers you a couple of free mathematical instruments that help you run operations on simple, common fractions, automatically, online, with step by step explanations:

  • reduce fractions to lower terms (simplify)
  • turn integers and decimal numbers (both terminating and repeating) into fractions, mixed numbers and percentages
  • compare common fractions
  • sort fractions in ascending order
  • add multiple fractions
  • subtract multiple simple fractions
  • multiply multiple fractions

What is the main purpose of fractii.ro?

The main purpose is to provide users with a reliable tool that helps them performing math operations on common, simple fractions. Since all the operations are followed by detailed, step-by-step explanations, this website could also be used as a tool for learning by examples (and as a validation tool for those willing to check on their math skills).

The greatest benefit of fractii.ro

The step-by-step explanations that follow every online math operation performed could be a valuable tool in the hands of those willing to learn by examples.

Why this website?

In 2013 I launched another website, numere-prime.ro, that offered users a couple of useful online tools: check whether a number is prime or not, break numbers down to prime factors; calculate the greatest common factor (divisor) GCF (GCD, or HCF); calculate the least common multiple LCM; reduce (simplify) ordinary math fractions to lower terms, find all the factors of a number or all the common factors of two numbers, etc. From there to the idea of creating a site that automatically runs operations on ordinary math fractions it wasn't a long way: fractii.ro

What can you do?

If you find this website useful, spread the word, tell others about it. At the same time, any feedback to improve our service is more than welcome and eventually helps all the visitors.


We thank all our visitors that recommend our website or come with valuable suggestions.

fractii.ro team

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